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Our Missouri City Sprinkler Installation Techs Can Install Professional Drip Irrigation Systems

a close-up with a drip irrigation systemI don't usually take the time to answer questions personally, that's a job that I give to Larry or Dave. But, I recently got one that really struck a nerve with me. Jayson from Stafford wrote and asked, "Is it worth the cost and effort to put drip lines in all of my flower beds or should I just stick with the set-up I currently have?"

First, Jayson isn't the only one that has had this question over the last few years. Drip lines are finally catching on, as they should. The question I would have for Jayson is – do you want to have bigger, healthier, more vibrant plants with larger, brighter blooms? If so, drip irrigation is for you. If you are happy with the way your plants look, by all means, save the money and continue with your set-up as is.

Watering Your Yard The Right Way

drip system in the flower bedThe beauty of a drip irrigation system is that it delivers water directly to the root system of your plants. That is why it is great for foundation plantings, flower beds, trees and shrubs (but not so much for large grass expanses). Water is delivered deeper than with traditional nozzles. It drips down into the soil and promotes deep root growth. Deeper roots allow plants to access minerals that aren't usually available. The plants develop larger root systems than make them more stable. They become more resistant to disease and insects. This, in turn, helps them put more energy into their flowers. You get huge, bright blooms and use less water to do so.

Another advantage to drip irrigation is that the water does not evaporate away like some of the surface water from spray heads. Also, not having extra water around inhibits the growth of weeds.

You'd think that all of these advantages would come at a high cost, but they don't. Drip irrigation lines are cheaper to install and the components don't cost any more than spray heads and risers. This is why we suggest adding them to every planting bed you have. We can set up your controlled to water these different zones at different times during the day to keep your plants well hydrated and growing to their potential.

Call the Missouri City sprinkler installation specialists and get some drip lines installed today. Your flowers will be spectacular and your landscape could well be the talk of the subdivision.